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I take it when it comes to Steam it will support Linux as it does now?


Of course! Linux will still be supported on Steam release.


This seems like a fun game. It loves to freeze though! I tried saving a lot but if I forgot, it freezed again!

I'm sorry please wait for our newest build, you can find the info about it on our discord:

action number 1
of  Step Event0
for object Maker:

Unable to find any instance for object index '136152' name '<undefined>'
at gml_Script_endTurnUpdatePic
stack frame is
gml_Script_endTurnUpdatePic (line -1)

Thank you for the report! We will fix it as soon as possible! Meanwhile if you want to try out the latest, experimental build of Ciel Fledge, do visit our discord page here for the download links:

Thank you for your report. Can you tell us what happened before the crash occurred?

Oh! you are using Game maker, it seems to be a nice game. I will try it 

Thank you! If you want to try the latest experimental build you can download it on our discord server:

Oh, I hope it gets released with the customization options! It would be a masterpiece!

Is this game for Windows 32 bit? I have 64 bit and it's very slow and always freezes. When I opened my task manager to close the frozen game, it showed in the game name that it was 32 bit...

Can we know about your PC's specification? Or is it a laptop? 

Try to reduce the game's resolution first and see if the FPS improves.

It's a Windows 8.1 laptop. Reducing the resolution did make the game faster, but when I tried to save at the beginning of the game, I was able to open the menu but it froze immediately after.

Do you have a graphics processor built-in within your laptop? You can right-click the game's .exe and choose the option below.

I pledged on Kickstarter because I saw the Linux support ^__^

Good Luck!

Thank you very much! 

MAC? maybe?

Unfortunately due to the limitation of the game engine, the game will not be available on Mac...

Look's like a funny game. Congrats!

Thank you!

Because of an undesired content was included on the latest version, the Demo link is being disabled until further notice.

Thank you for your cooperation and sorry for the inconvenience.

I never played this game (but will)  the concept seems interesting  and it has patentianl

Had a blast playing this, thank you devs for suggesting this to me, and sending to my email! I really appreciate and find it an honor you guys think I should play this! I do like this thus far such a great story, also I am a sucker for Visual novels and simulations! I really am appreciative of it all! thank you for letting me gain experience from playing this! you guys deserve so much support, you got me :)


Thank you very much! We are glad that you like the game and even made a video out of it! Sorry if the there are still a lot of bugs and shortcomings in the demo =D

I really enjoyed this demo, it's both adorable and fun. I hope someday I'll get to play the full version. the step by step tutorials are super helpful.

Thank you so much for making the video! =D

 Thank you for making such a cute and awesome game!

I love the game and can't wait for the full game! Super surprised and happy about the amount of content the demo actually had.

Thanks! Glad you are enjoying the game!


I'm honestly surprised by the amount of content this demo has. The 'card matching' gameplay for battles is pretty fun, and I'm very happy with the amount of NPCs in the game. I'm grateful that there's a detailed tutorial on just about everything the player may be confused about; although, I admit I skipped it as there was a whole lot of it.

There's definitely a lot of potential here from what I can see. The demo ran smoothly despite it lagging on OBS, the graphics are nice, and the music was alright so far. I do hope there will be more BGMs though. The most interesting part to me is the plot and the history of the world so I hope that'll be a bit of a focus at some point in the future. 

Overall, this is a gem with a tremendous amount of potential so great job! 

Best of luck with game development~  

ฅ/ᐠ。ᆽ。ᐟ \

Thank you so much for making the gameplay video! =D

I can easily see myself pouring hours into this game,  I'm excited for the full release!

I love it and can't wait for the full game!

Thank you for playing the game! Glad you are loving it!

That being said, the gameplay I've had so far is brilliant - looking forward to when it comes out!

Thank you!

Likewise - my windows defender finds a trojan in the software whenever I download it from here and stops it. However, I can download from the website and no problems are encountered.

Hey! I'm trying to run the game, but my Windows Defender keeps detecting the launcher as malware. How do I fix this?

May we know which .exe that the Windows Defender is detecting as the malware?
And may we know the architecture of your machine? Is it 32x or 64x?

Launcher.exe, and it's a 64x.

I see. Is the Windows Defender already updated to its latest version?

In mean time, you can play the game by accessing CielFledge.exe inside Data folder.

hi my w10 anti virus is updated to last version but emediatly deletes the launcher.exe for trojan :s

Thank you for your report. Can you tell us the aforementioned antivirus that deletes the .exe?

In mean time, you can play the game by accessing the CielFledge.exe inside the Data folder.

Alright, never mind! I got it to work!

i love this game can't wait for a full version ^_^
hope you like my game play


Wow, thanks so much for making the video!! =D

I had an opportunity to play this game; even recorded an uploaded a video of the first part of it. There were a LOT of tutorials that I cut out, and they were a little overwhelming. But once I got past them and started to raise my daughter, I had a vested interest in what was going to happen to her. There's still SO much more to do, but I'm looking forward to it all. I hope you enjoy the video. Thank you for making this, and good luck with the Kickstarter! I can't wait to see what it evolves into! :)

Thank you very much! =D

Hi! Your game looks really cool, but I can't seem to actually play? Where do I report problems?

You can just tell us about the problem here or you can email us: info at studionamaapa dot com

Okay then the issue is that I can't seem to play the game at all? I get the main menu and I can configure everything but as soon as my mouse comes close to the "apply" button, the game runs into a code error and I'm not sure what to do to fix it. I have a windows computer, if that helps.


Thank you for your report. Can you provide us the message that appear when the error occurs?

Hi! I downloaded the windows version and when ever I try to start the game it is just black screen.

what windows version are you using? have you tried downloading and installing this?

I'm using windows 7 and no I've downloaded and installed the directx_Jun2010_redist.exe file but it didn't work.

Thank you for your report, but can you elaborate several things about this problem?

- Are there Sound Effects when you interact with the game like pressing up and down arrow keys?

- Can we know if the game is in windowed mode or fullscreen mode?

There are no sound effects regardless of what button I press and the game runs in fullscreen mode, haven't tried windowed

Okay. Can you turn the game into windowed mode while in this black screen?

You can turn the game into Windowed by pressing alt+enter.

Tried Windowed mode and it shows some random text on a blue screen.

Here's a screen shot of how it looks like ...

(1 edit)

Okay. Can you configure the options.ini inside the Data folder? See if the affect how the game runs in your PC. Just configure the CreateTexturesOnDemand, AlternateSyncMethod, and VertexBufferMethod and alternate them between 0 and 1.

I love this game, though (just to preface I've only played an hour or so) I wish there was more when it comes to 'help' in the game. Like, the tutorials are great but I have yet to find a way to actually go back to that information because I'm quite a forgetful person and can't always remember explanations (particularly, I have no idea how to combat/deal with the monthly weakening even though I know there was explanation given). The help button in the esc menu doesn't seem to function properly and is a bit of an annoyance to get out of once I open it - though I attribute that to the fact that the game's in alpha and it might not be fully implemented. But overall, I'm enjoying this game tremendously and can't wait to see how it pans out. 

Thank you!Glad you are enjoying the game =D

 The help button in the esc menu doesn't work since it' still in development, we're sorry about that.

I really want to support this game but my credit card doesn't work on kickstarter. :(

Thank you! Too bad about the credit card though :(

You can tell about the game to your friends and share the ks page link on various social media! it will really support us tremendously!

it won't open the game

Thank you for your report. May you tell us the OS you’re using and whether if you directly download the game or using the app?

I just wanted to say how much I love the over all Orwellian and Towards the Terra vibes I'm getting. I've been playing for a few hours now, and am curious to see where the world building is going. Whether it's just jokingly being done or if these themes have more serious implications, I'm really digging it. 

Will you be making a mac version?

Hi ShiroLily, due to financial difficulties to acquire a mac to test and compile the mac version, we don't have a plan for it in immediate future yet. But this may change, hopefully!

Alright! Thank you!

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I want to adjust the settings, but whenever I apply it I get an error.


Please try to install this to your PC. It should fix the Vertex problem.

Thank you for your cooperation and sorry for the invoncenience.

It's fine, thank you for helping me with my problem!

I downloaded this via the app and no matter how hard I click "launch", it won't work!  Help!

(1 edit) app? We will look further to this matter. For now, please launch the game via the local files.

Thank you for your cooperation and sorry for the inconvenience.

I've checked the game via the app, and the game seem to work just fine.

Can you tell us which OS you're playing the game with?

Yup, I'm trying to play it with Windows 10.  I did get it work by going directly into the file and launching it from there!