[Devlog] Content & Story Cleanup

Heya, wltr3565 here. Yeah, the game missed its 2018 target. We apologize for that. This game is thick, so it’s not easy to clean up its insides. Without further ado, this is this month’s devlog.

The Game is Clearable Now, At Last
The game is in its clean up phase at the moment, especially for the story bits. We have confirmed that the main story of the game is stable. This game has many possibilities in the main story depending on how you tackle things, so making sure those won’t make the game crumble is very important.

For the things that get the visual uplift… Well, we want to keep it a surprise to you guys. We’re currently working on very spoiler-prone sections, after all. Look forward to it! Those involve a good amount of animations, though, so it will take some time.

It’s a super spoiler so this is as far as I can present any screenshot here.

Other Things

Last but not least we’re currently arranging how the ending is presented. Again, let’s keep the surprise fresh, okay?

In the middle of the check up we did some adjustments to the game. Simple number adjustments and all that.

Well, this post feels sparse, isn’t it? In exchange, let me explain you guys about the newly added features of the Schedule Menu.

The position is switched compared to before. The Activity selection is on the right side now, close to the Schedule button.

Making the Schedule Menu more Intuitive
If you haven’t noticed, the position of the inputted Schedule and where you get to select the Activities have been swapped. We found out the input is tiring both for one’s eyes and hands to swap back and forth from the right side of the screen to the left side many times. This new design is to reduce the need to pay much attention to the left side of the screen, making navigation and input more intuitive and less tiring.

Just press the green button there. It will switch the Activity list between List mode and Grid mode.

Options to Navigate the List
For those who prefer to see the list in a grid, here you go. You will be able to see more Activities in 1 screen! The view mode can be changed anytime by pressing he View button at the top of the Category buttons.

Can’t have her collapse in the middle of the Week. Gotta give her a rest before it happens.

Status Preview

We have added a preview to see the expected result for her Stamina, Discipline, Mood and Stress. With this, you don’t have to manually calculate the total Stamina your daughter will require. At the moment, it’s still very basic. We’re planning to have it actually factor in other things like your Job and so on. We will make it to tell you at which point she will collapse too when the Stamina shows 0.

That’s it for now. See you all later.

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